Worry-free Pool Service

Our overall service goal is about minimizing surprises for our clients with preventative maintenance and the consistency of proper water chemistry. We stay well informed of the very latest advancements in water chemistry, motors and pumps to save our clients money and reduce energy consumption where possible. Its about maintaining the quality of the pool at an affordable rate.

Have a repair job? No matter the size or scope, we've got you covered. Repair service calls are $65 covering the first hour of labor. Basic plumbing leaks are completed at this rate plus parts. For any major repairs please call. New filters, pumps etc.

We have a variety of services and repair plans to fit your budget. Contact us at 480-414-6500 for more information.

Menu of Services

All services include full chemical testing and balancing

Full Service

$100/month (enjoy 45+ visits a year) 

This premium, all-inclusive service includes our chemistry testing, full cleaning and equipment maintenance on a weekly basis, all swim season long. This includes free shock treatment during monsoon season (no hidden fees). Free phosphate treatments and annual conditioning is also included.  Special circumstance pricing may apply.

Absolutely no additional charges regardless of how much chemicals are needed or the type of chemicals needed to keep your pool as comfortable and safe to swim as possible. Additional services included such as , removing backwash pistons and lubricating them throughout the year. Removing the pumps motor to access the impeller and clean it of any debris restricting water flow, (A plugged impeller will greatly shorten the life of your motor) Also, much more at no additional charge. What some may consider "Billable Repairs" we consider it "Proper professional maintenance"

Baskets, Brush, Net Backwash


We will empty all baskets, check equipment and pool cleaner operations. We ensure that all adjustments are correct and that your cleaner is functioning optimally. We will brush the steps walls and tile as well as net all debris from the surface. (No vacuuming, functional automatic cleaner recommended)

Baskets & Backwash


We will do all the chemistry needs as well as empty your skimmer, pump baskets and back wash if necessary. Additionally, we will perform diagnostics on your equipment and adjust valves as needed to fine tune the pool's operation.


Chemical Service


With a busy pool season, having the appropriate chemistry in your pool expands the life of your pool and looks great! Let us test and balance your water chemistry. 

Drain & Reform


This special service addresses the draining the pool and a full chemical reform when pool is filled. Restore your pool to its very best!


Chlorine Bath

$125/Added to drain and reform process

While your pool is empty during regular maintenance draining process, let's give it a thorough Chlorine Bath to reach deep into your pools surface killing all bacteria and killing algae at its root. 

Acid Wash

Play pools start at $350

Need a deep cleaning? Try a thorough acid bath and full chemical reform when pool is filled. Special pricing may apply for large pools.

Another great way of preserving your pools surface appeal is by acid washing it while it's empty. Add an Acid Wash service to remove most unwanted stains as well as any calcium on the pools surface.

In Arizona, we have hard water and the damage calcium can cause is very unpleasant. Calcium will quickly create staining as well as produce nodules that grow on the surface. If calcium is left on a pool's surface, it can quickly damage the surface as well as be an eye sore. Calcium will also damage your equipment. 

Please note that an Acid Wash and Chlorine Bath are completely different services and both serve a different purpose. Both service may be rendered if recommended or requested. Combo packaging is greatly discounted considering the pool is already empty.

Visual Progress Report


We're proud of the work we do and you should be too. We now offer before and after photos of your pool emailed or texted to you after each visit . Visually monitor progress of your pool!