Drain Waiver

Waiver and Release of Liability Draining of Swimming Pool/Spa

  1. The Customer has entered into a service agreement for the performance of certain pool cleaning or repair services including draining of pool/spa at their address.
  2. Customer acknowledges that by reading the contents of this waiver and release of liability, CUSTOMER is aware that certain of the following problems can arise from draining a swimming pool/spa: floating out of the ground; walls collapsing due to poor constructions; rotten wood frame and walls; soil erosion.
    • After draining the pool, some instances of cracking, checking, shrinking or flaking of plaster may result and an eggshell appearance may occur.
    • After draining the pool, the pool structure may rise out of the ground. This is usually caused by water under the pool shell, which may be caused by a high water table due to rain, broken sewer lines, underground springs, leaks in the pool plumbing, neighbor’s leaks or water leaks not associated with the pool.
    • Due to the nature of plaster, this process may not remove all existing stains.
  3. Customer will take all precautions possible so to as Glistening Waters Pool Service L.L.C. avoid such problems when draining a swimming pool/spa.
  4. The customer is permitting the pool to be drained at their desired location. Glistening Waters Pool Services is not responsible for any possible damage, flooding or any issue related to the water being drained.
  5. The Customer has read this waiver and release of liability carefully and fully understand its content and are aware that this is a waiver and release of liability. Customer will not hold Glistening Waters Pool Service L.L.C. liable for any reasons above noted.